The Key To Promoting An Awesome Event After It Ends

Staging an awesome event is only one part of the formula of a successful event. Once your event ends, you need to be able to get the word out and generate buzz for your future events. Understanding how to successfully promote your event after it’s completed can help to drastically transform future event marketing and audience experience. Ultimately, a variety of event promotion tactics can help with spreading the word about how epic your event was and to keep the good vibes going for your future events.

1) Thank event attendees and provide follow-up emails

Whether the event was a corporate training, a fundraiser, or a simple networking event, attending the event is a logistical commitment for all parties involved. People also liked to be thanked in general. Providing follow-up correspondence, such as thank you cards, emails or texts, provides a sense of camaraderie and personal appreciation for those who attended your event. Furthermore, follow-up emails, whether sent singularly or at frequent intervals, allows attendees to feel that they are engaged in the happenings of your company and those who attended your event.

2) Provide shareable content and social media connectivity

If it’s a great event, which of course it was, attendees will want to be able to access various moments of the event they may have been involved in, or parts that they might not have been able to document. Shareable content, whether through your website, Facebook page, Instagram, Drop Box or Twitter feed, attendees will have a consistent and reliable access point to stay connected to the event, or to be able to reach out to other attendees. Shareable content also allows attendees to refer other interested parties to the site to get information if they are looking to attend or host a similar event. Since word of mouth is a consistently reliable means of marketing (and free!), having an abundance of engaging post-event content is the key to successful post-event promotion.

3) Host post-event networking opportunities and solicit attendee feedback

Depending on the nature of the event, attendees may not have as much time as desired to network with other attendees or they may want to continue various networking possibilities. Hosting or arranging a follow-up network event is a great way to continue the event dialogue and provide a feeling of collective celebration while also transitioning into future events. In addition to hosting live get-togethers, creating surveys, or asking for attendee feedback keeps your guests engaged while also providing valuable insights into what elements of the event were successful and where future investment could be directed.

Post-event management isn’t limited to social media highlights, follow-up emails and further networking. Providing attendee testimonials and feedback on event-related content as well as including event-related promotional offers, such as coupons or prizes, helps to create a festive attitude towards the event while also celebrating the event’s success. If there is anything that’s integral to post event promotion, it’s ensuring that every event exudes an aura of success and celebration, from start to finish of the event and after the event is over.

We hope that you’ve found some of our tips helpful in planning your next event and we look forward to assisting you create your next, epic event.

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