The Comprehensive Guide on How to Throw a Memorable Event

Memorable events don’t just happen.

They are carefully planned down to the smallest details and executed with the utmost precision. This is why planning an event can be a challenging and stressful task.

To help you create a memorable event, Bay City Event Entertainment has identified the most important key elements. We invite you to keep reading!

1. Send One of a Kind Event Invitations

As you may already know from your personal experience – mass invitation emailing is not as effective and memorable as it used to be. It’s just another email that in most cases will end up in people’s spam bin.

There’s no better way of capturing your audience’s attention than creating an out of the ordinary and eye-catching personal invitation. Tickle their curiosity, get them intrigued and ultimately show them this is not an event to be missed.

2. Create Inclusive Events

Guests at a live event want to feel included, both physically and psychologically. You know from attending events yourself, you always enjoy an event that delivers a personalised experience. Ensure that your event entertainment isn’t forced or generic but quite the opposite, tailor your entertainment to them.

3. Find How to Immerse Your Audience

You need to know how to draw people into a story you are trying to convey. Luckily, what makes things easier is that an event can be made immersive in several ways. For example, you can manipulate scenery or lighting to give the event a different feel at various stages during the night, you can offer something more engaging, like a tunnel entrance, or if your game enough you can encourage your guests to leave their phones at the coat check so they can focus on what is happening around them.

What makes immersive-ness so impactful is that it helps the audience to experience something different from their everyday routine.

4. Build a Sense of Intimacy

At times during your event, what you need your guests to understand is strictly based on numbers and data, which can make an event boring. Give your guests a chance to connect with one another by facilitating moments of human connection, this is perhaps once of the most powerful ways to tie attendees’ feel to your brand, helping to build brand loyalty and ongoing commitment. Plan activities or entertainment that are not complex but simply encourage socialisation, leave the facts and figures for corporate meetings.

5. Do Not Underestimate the Power of Inspiration

Many business owners and event planners wonder how they can even linger events in people’s memory.

It’s kinda easy – you must appeal to their emotions. It is not all about stimulating their minds.

Emotions have a huge impact on people’s attention span and information retrieval.
This means you need to focus on creating an event that is truly inspiring rather than strictly informative.

6. Create a “WOW Factor”

We know one thing that is crystal clear – a successful event needs to be memorable. Your event will need to make a tremendous impression on attendants – and this is where Bay City Event Entertainment can help you out!

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