Event Entertainment Mistakes to Avoid

It’s time to organise your annual company corporate event for your employees and partners. There’s no doubt that this is easier said than done, because after all, the purpose of these occasions is to bring nothing short of positive publicity to the company.

Bay City Event Entertainment has pulled together a list of a few common challenges to avoid, steer clear of making these corporate event entertainment mistakes and ensure your event goes off without a hitch

1. Not Spending Enough Time Thinking About the Impact of Your Entertainment

A vast majority of event planners and business owners are time poor, and don’t or cannot devote enough time to choosing the right event entertainment. The truth is that people can tell when your entertainment is booked just for the sake of it.

Your audience will see the lack of time taken with your booking because the performance and setting will feel stale and forced, resulting in guests not only getting bored, but can set the tone for the remainder of the evening and the remainder of your event, and once this happens, it is only a matter of time until they start leaving one by one with underwhelming memories of your event.

You need to consider how the entertainment will impact everyone and how it will play out during the night.

2. Start Looking for Entertainment Way Too Late

Many people wonder when is the best time to start looking for entertainment? The answer is quite simple – as soon as you have the demographic profile of the people who will attend your event.

Why so early you may be asking yourself? Booking well in advance leaves you more options to choose from. Don’t know where to start? Procrastinating with your bookings? You’ll risk ending up with a very few event entertainment options of which none may suit your audience.

3. Don’t Dismiss What Your Guests Would Like

One of the most common mistakes made in corporate event planning is that planners often book entertainment that only appeals to them without thinking about the audience needs.

Remember that you are hosting an event for your guests, which means getting the demographic correct is vital for the success of the event. You need to take into consideration your guests’ interests, background, gender, and age so you can determine what WOW factor will blow them away! The last thing you want is for your attendees to end up sitting at their table chit-chatting or starting to leave.

4. Not Working With A Professional Entertainment Company

Another common mistake – many business owners believe they can handle the entire process of planning their event entertainment on their own or save themselves some money by hiring someone who is cheap. Event entertainment can very much be getting what you paid for, and this will be obvious to your guests. Industry and entertainment knowledge is priceless really, a professional event entertainment company will ensure the entertainment is relevant, on point, matches your guest demographic and will ensure smooth delivery.

5. Forgetting to Promote the Event Effectively

Every single event needs to be promoted effectively if you want to get the most out of it and enjoy the best returns.

Your event budget should include a line for event promotion, there are many ways to achieve effective promotion without breaking the bank. Strategically planned social and digital media is the most popular way of promotion in this age, direct promotion via your company database & email newsletters can be very cost effective, engaging influencers etc are all part of the promotions you should consider for your event promotion.

Want to Avoid More Event Entertainment Mistakes?

Here at Bay City Event Entertainment, we can offer you all the assistance you need.

Give us a call and get the ball rolling on your WOW factor.

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